Check reservation Tickets accepted

Which tickets are accepted?

  1. SMS ticket

    After making your payment by mobile money or by credit card, you will receive an SMS containing your travel information, this SMS could be considered as a ticket at the time of your departure.
  2. Electronic ticket on the mobile application

    If you have used the Android / IOS mobile application to make the reservation, an electronic ticket will be generated automatically and accessible on the ticket menu of the application, you can present it directly at the time of boarding
  3. Electronic ticket sent by Email

    If you have made a reservation with a user account registered on, you must receive a confirmation email containing all the information of your trip, there is also a PDF file attached which will be the invoice for your reservation, this the last one will also serve as a ticket when you leave (don't forget to print it)
  4. Ticket printed at the counter

    In the event of a direct booking at the counter, you will receive a printed ticket at the counter of the cooperative of your choice